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Digital marketing for small businesses has become a necessity for new and old customers to find local businesses online. It’s not quite as simple as it used to be by depending mainly on on-site search engine optimization factors for first page ranking results. For your business to maintain high visibility online, it requires a constant workflow of content generation, reputation management, and genuine marketing initiatives.

When it comes to digital marketing for small businesses, there is no one direct digital channel or area to focus on to achieve great rankings on search engines such as Google, but rather a combination of digital techniques. This is why we combine the best initiatives with our Online Presence Management service.

We approach our Online Presence Management services in a very holistic manner so that your business is truly bringing value to your customers. Whether it be by educating your customers on your products or services, or delivering accurate business information no matter the platform they find you on, our Online Presence Management service places your business in the best digital light possible.

Our Online Presence Management service includes:

Local Search Engine Optimization Get Your Business Ranked

When you invest in search engine optimization, you invest in the ability to challenge the competition and drive traffic towards your own site. Our strategic SEO efforts, begin with thorough research into your business, your industry, your competitors, and how consumers navigate the web.

In addition, your account manager will evaluate your website to determine how technical factors are contributing to your natural rankings in the search engines. Evaluation and optimization can be made of the following:

  • Keyword Targeting
  • Site Structure
  • Backlink Profile
  • Keyword Density
  • Site Speed
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Site Content
  • Social Media Profile Optimization
Local SEO
Business Listing Management Services

Local Business Listing Management

Your business needs to be listed on high quality business listing sites and review sites, that accurately display your business’s information, such as your business name, address and phone number; AKA, NAP. To assure that your business is placed on high quality directories, accurately, we manage your presence on business listings and directories for local marketing. Business Listings can give your site authority and bring in new customers, as long as your site is being represented correctly. We’ll make sure your information is correctly displayed on all relevant listings and we remove you from irrelevant listings that are not beneficial to your business.

Content Creation & Optimization

Your website’s content plays an extremely important role, both for your customers and for search engines. A site’s content consists of images, text, and some other technical aspects that allow both your users and search engines understand exactly what your service or product, and website is about. With us, you’ll have one of our own in-house content creators take care of all your content needs. Whether, it’s creating a whole site’s worth of content or optimizing pre-existing content, we can take care of it completely and create content that brings tons of value to your users.

We’ll have a content creator curate your whole site to see where the strengths and weaknesses of the content lie before optimizing anything. We’ll ensure every page sells the reader, while remaining optimized for search engines.

Content Marketing Services
Local Social Media Management Services

Local Social Media Management

Social Media can be tricky, especially since you’re competing with everyone else for user attention. With us, your social media efforts will be laser-focused, innovative and persistent as we create awareness and follower growth. By taking advantage of all the features social platforms provide for local businesses, your business will be able to make a wave in your local area. Our scheduled posts will also help create user engagement and insights that we monitor to help optimize future posts. Our strategies for your social media presence will continuously adapt to your audience so that we never stop improving.

What we’ll do for you:

  • Create custom scheduled posts
  • Create custom imagery
  • Monitor social insights metrics
  • Track progress with detailed monthly reports
  • Reputation Management

    Online brand reputation isn’t something that accrues over time without much effort. If you want a positive reputation that represents your business, you’ll need to take the initiative in your reputation management efforts.

    At Signa Marketing, we manage your reputation by monitoring reviews across the web, regardless of platform, and we help you acquire new reviews by implementing our own review generation process. Actively seeking reviews and encouraging customers to post a review as soon as possible decreases the chances of them posting negative reviews or forgetting about you.

    Reputation Management Services