Podcast Studio in Phoenix AZ: Strategy & Production

If you're on the cutting edge of content marketing, then you understand the importance of creating audio based content for your brand. We launched Signa Audio to help our clients produce and promote their podcasts and online audio shows. From pre-production to recording, editing, mixing, mastering and video publishing, we’ve got you covered.

Pre-Production & Planning

As with anything you take on in life, it’s smart to have a solid plan in place when launching your podcast. Our team has been producing podcasts for years and will guide you in making sure you’re set up for success.

Whether it be branding intros, outros and segments rolls, or making sure your advertisements and release schedule are all in place, we’ll set you on the right path to produce a thriving show.

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Our goal is to make your message heard. Podcasts are a revolutionary new way to get your word out into the world and we can facilitate that new connection for you.

Our first task is to define the objective of your podcast. What are you looking to accomplish by launching your podcast? Is this podcast inline with your brand and business goals?

Answering these questions from the very beginning is the first step to launching a highly impactful podcast.

Consistency & Commitment

Something that an audience applauds creators for on a regular basis is consistency.

In the world of podcasting, this couldn’t be more integral. In order to ride that wave to success, you must display consistency and dedication in your efforts to climb the media charts!

Through consistent monthly recording sessions and other methods to choose from on delivering your content, you can be the conduit of your own success.

We’ll Help You:

  • Record episodes weekly to monthly.
  • Devise an effective release schedule.
  • Create episode buffers or “buckets”.
  • Setup emergency/vacation release plans.
  • Follow through with additional A/V content per request.
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    Create Media Elements

    One of the most crucial pieces to any distinguishable show is well branded, professional media elements. When the world hears your intro roll or your infamous segment burst through their speakers, they should know exactly who it’s associated with.

    We’ll get you started from scratch and develop powerful, memorable and professional media elements for your show.

    Our team can develop:

    Custom Intros, Outros and Segment Rolls

    Sound FX | Voice-over

    Music beds | Transitions

    Advertising Spots

    Voice-over recording & editing

    Branded transitions

    Setup Syndication

    Cell-phones, laptops and smart TVs have made it easier than ever before to consume the content we seek - anytime, anywhere. We’ll make sure your show is accessible on all of the major streaming platforms, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

    Be heard on:

  • Apple Podcasts (iTunes)
  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts (Google Play)
  • Stitcher
  • TuneIn
  • iHeartRadio
  • Android
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    Have you ever heard of the man who tried to run before he could walk?

    We have too and we’ll make sure you have all the pieces to your puzzle in one place before you release your masterpiece to the public.

    We’ll make sure you’re covered with:

  • Pertinent social media content and highlights (per request)
  • An episode bucket or “buffer” before release
  • Developing the proper podcast promotion strategy
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    Recording & Filming (Audio + Video)

    Whether you are looking to launch an audio only based podcast, or go all out and have your podcast filmed and edited for YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo - our team can handle it all from recording and filming, to post-editing and launching each episode. In addition to presenting audio only, having your podcast filmed expands the type of engaging content that can be created, and allows you to integrate highlight videos from each episode to share on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

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    Once we complete the recording session, our team gets to work with editing, mixing, and mastering your podcast episodes so that they are “radio ready” for the world to hear on any device. This is where part of the magic happens! From cleaning up silences and removing unwanted segments or mistakes, to mixing in your intros/outros and segment rolls and more - each episode will be polished so that it can be published and promoted to your target audience with confidence.

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    After recording, editing and mixing your podcast episodes, we are ready to publish your project and get the world listening! As it’s already included in our initial setup phase, we will have already had your podcast connected to all platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, etc. We’ll make sure your episodes are properly optimized for search engines and users alike, so that once we publish - you’ll have the best opportunity to capture your maximum reach.

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    Creating professional and powerful podcast episodes that provide value to your target audience is only half of the work. In order to see continued success with your podcast or online audio based show, we need to develop the appropriate marketing strategy to make sure your podcast reaches your intended target audience. We will work with you on developing the right promotional strategy just for you, which will then be executed and adjusted as your podcast continues to grow!