We are constantly adapting, on the hunt for new ways to help our clients stay ahead of trends, and complete transparency are some of the traits that set our SEO services apart. At Signa Marketing, we focus on all aspects of SEO, from site architecture and unique content creation to strategic offsite link building initiatives. This in turn, delivers long lasting results and is manifested in increased search rankings, web traffic and ROI.


Curious about what goes into our SEO campaigns?

Research & Planning

It’s important to start things off on the right foot. To do the very best we can, we carry out an extensive analysis of your business’s current online presence, from your website and content, to your social media channels and online reputation. We then follow this up by researching your competition and your industry. We use this process to understand the big picture and identify problem areas in your current digital marketing. Together we can develop a plan to increase your online visibility, drive sales, and meet your business goals.

SEO Competitor Research
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Implement On-Site SEO

Our on-site SEO efforts address both the technical and user experience aspects, as well as the content and messaging that lives on your website. This ongoing approach continues to refine our on-site SEO efforts on your website, so you are continuously relevant and on the fore-front of you market online.

Some of the improvements you can expect with our on-site SEO are:

  • HTML/XML Sitemapping
  • Title Tags & Meta Description Management
  • Site Architecture
  • Site Performance
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Internal Link Structure
  • 301 Redirect Creation
  • 404 Error Handling

Create Valuable Content

With the right content, you can pull traffic from almost any competitor. New content is a main component of any inbound-marketing strategy and can educate and provide value to your target audience. It can bring customers to your site and doorstep, as well as place your business in a position of authority in your market. We create highly valuable content for your customers and search engines by combining an understanding of your industry, product or services, target audience, and our digital marketing expertise. With quality content, your site gains authority, ranking, and value for your customers while preventing your site from becoming boring and not relevant. From blogging to social media, new content keeps your site fresh and helps retain and increase website traffic.

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Off-Site SEO Strategies

Your site must be professional, trustworthy, and appealing to your customers. But what about the sites you associate with? Well, the same goes for them too. You want to generate inbound links from highly respected external websites. If you’re site is linked to suspicious, low-authority, and low-quality websites, it could be hurting your own website’s search engine rankings. You’ve worked hard to build a great business and you can’t let toxic backlinks become a problem for your ranking. We’ll review and maintain your backlink profile to make sure your website reaches its highest potential.

Reporting & Optimization

Communication is key. Not only will you have a monthly meeting with your account manager, but every month you’ll receive a report that will summarize that month’s SEO activities and progress. Together, we’ll go over what we accomplished, what worked, what didn’t work, and where to go from there. Monthly meetings and direct lines of communication allow for swift decision making and strategy adjustments. We’ll make sure you’re always in a position to meet your long-term goals.

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