Strong brands outlive their products. At Signa Marketing, we leverage our branding expertise to improve your brand’s market performance.

Digging Deep – Brand Discovery & Purpose

To change how others perceive your brand, product, and/or service, you have to know the core values of your brand. We’ll ask you tough questions and help you discover and refine your brand identity. We’ll develop a set of brand guidelines that will help your business become a unique entity within its industry.

Brand Discovery
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Telling Your Brand’s Story

Brand messaging has never been about pushing your message out, but about pulling your audience in and one of the best way to do that is through storytelling. At Signa Marketing, we capture the essence of your brand, put it before targeted audiences and let them interact and engage with the brand to produce real world results.

Logo Development and Brand Standards

At Signa Marketing, we know a logo should be more than the imagery associated with your brand name. We’re a creative agency that will think outside of the box to design a logo that will reflect your brand’s personality and draw the consumer’s attention in a meaningful way.

Does a foundation for your brand stop a logo design? Absolutely not. We take all the feedback and insight we collected from you on our discovery meetings, to create the tone, tagline, value proposition, and much more. This not only gives your audience a clear definition of who you are as a company, but it also gives your internal team even more razor sharp clarity into your company’s purpose.

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