About Us

Signa Marketing is a digital agency headquartered in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, that helps small and medium sized businesses scale up into the next tier of business growth. Accountability is huge and we strive to “wow” our clients with our creativity, results, and our timeliness. We provide our clients covering a vast spectrum of industries with website development, UI/UX design, conversion rate optimization, paid media strategy and management, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media management, content creation (written and visual), analytics, and digital strategy.

Our Core Values

  • Passion = “No matter the task, we accomplish with passion”
  • Ethics = “Always doing the right thing, directly and by association”
  • Partnerships = “We believe that great achievements can be reached together”
  • Culture = “Embracing collaboration and diversity”
  • Action = “Moving towards client goals starting from day one”
  • Creativity = “Our belief for capturing attention and delivering your message”

The Role

As an Experienced & Detail Oriented Social Media Specialist & Multimedia Producer, you are responsible for managing daily social media tasks, assisting with social media content planning, and designing, filming & editing social media content for internal and external brands. You are an individual who is excited and obsessed with social media content creation; you eat, live, and breathe social media!

The Task At Hand

  • Assist in creating Editorial Calendars for clients and internal brands. Generate ideas for posts that can include photography, video, motion graphics, design and at times, copy as well.
  • Shoot and edit footage when necessary for clients or internal brands using a digital SLR or mirrorless camera and Adobe Premier Pro with After Effects. Animate text and titles and design posts to not only look appealing but urge the audience to engage.
  • Proficiency in shooting in manual mode and understanding lighting is required.
  • Create social media video posts to current standards in regard to rendering for individual platforms. Prepare and edit for the different dimensions that vary throughout. Know screen sizes by heart and be able to generate multiple versions of the same video for different social media platforms.
  • Transcribe dialog / spoken word and program captions for video posts. Break these up and edit in a way that makes sense for cadence and sentence structure.
  • Shoot custom photographs for social media posts when necessary. Proficiency in LightRoom and/or Photoshop’s Raw Filter is required.
  • Create posts in Photoshop and design to current social media standards. Design carousel posts in a way that can be duplicated and altered across all social platforms.
  • Create and maintain order of weekly copy documents to reflect the Editorial Calendar and social media posts, per client / internal brand. Populate documents with post previews and hashtag strategy. Submit for copy and approval.
  • Post approved social media posts, whether video, carousel or static image natively on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business, and schedule with Facebook Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram / IGtv.
  • Shoot and edit episodes for our digital marketing show on YouTube. Capture audio and sync to video to edit into a quality final product. Create occasional motion graphics and make episodes as consistent as possible with audio levels and processing, color grades and correction. Edit with pace and flow to keep episodes engaging.
  • Natively upload and post to YouTube using internal publishing protocols including episode descriptions and end card strategies. Maintain YouTube channel and engagement.
  • Create audio versions of each episode and upload them natively to be distributed as a podcast version of the show.
  • Be able to shoot and edit video or photos for clients and internal brands outside of social media whenever necessary. In the past, this has included: product photography, photo compositing and onsite media shoots.
  • Create and/or design digital assets for team members when needed and assist in any way possible.

This is a W2, 40 hours per week, full-time in office position.

If you feel like you’re the right fit and are obsessed with social media how we are, please inquire by providing your resume and examples of your best work.