Video is a MUST - Here are 6 Reasons Why You Need Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing used to be an option. If you had budget and your business could afford it, then it was a good choice to begin integrating video marketing into your marketing strategy. Video has always proven to be an extremely engaging medium and a medium that your users will generally lean towards compared to plain text.

The market is continuously evolving and is never static, which means things are going to be changing... every day. It presents businesses and entrepreneurs with 2 options. Adapt to the market and evolve with it, or simply be left behind.

In today’s market, video is not a medium that can be brushed off lightly. If you plan on growing as a business/brand, you need to have a video marketing strategy in play.

In this post, we cover the reasons why you need video in your marketing strategy if you wish to stay with the times and grow your business.


Social Platforms are Catering to Video Content

In 2015, we have seen a huge shift from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, catering to video content and making it easier for people to produce and upload their own video content.

Facebook launched live streaming, Twitter launched Video on Twitter, Periscope Live Streaming was launched, both YouTube and Facebook launched 360 video support and Instagram ads was opened to the public allowing video ads up to 30 sec in length compared to the regular 15 sec limit.

The reason these platforms have evolved to cater to more video content is because of the fact that video consumption has been on the rise and with no signs of it slowing down.

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic and 79% by 2018.


Mobile Users Love Video

Value, value, value. Bringing value to your audience strengthens the connection between your brand and your audience. Making it easier for your audience to understand your service, product, purpose or message can bring added value to the experience because you are asking for less effort from your consumer. Literally, you are simply asking for their time and attention with no effort of having to read text.

With mobile usage still on the rise, video is a medium which is insanely easy to consume as a user with little to no effort at all. Users can watch your videos from anywhere, at any time and with little effort.

Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. If an increasing majority of your audience is paying more attention to their mobile devices, then it is very important that you create content that is easy for them to consume and engage with on those devices.


With Video, Seeing is Believing

Many consumers have heard every pitch, sale offer and promise, so it’s no surprise that many consumers may have some trust issues. This is where video plays a large part in your marketing strategy.

Sometimes, even very real and un-edited videos perform really well, because your consumer is seeing it for themselves with no worry of any post editing tricks.

Not to say that professional videos do not have their place, because they absolutely do. It solely comes down to your brand, your product/service and how your audience communicates.

With video, your audience is seeing your product, service, or message in action.


Everyone Enjoys a Great Story

Storytelling isn't anything new in advertising and it's proven to be highly effective for brands, large and small.

Great storytelling can go a long way for your brand and being able to tell it through video makes it even better for the end user. By storytelling through video, you are more likely to evoke emotion, which in turn, can assist in the process of developing a relationship with your consumer.

With so much competition, it is extremely important that your story is powerful and engaging so that you can cut through the noise in the current market and stand out.


Video is Easy to Consume and Digest

65% of viewers watch ¾ or more of a video. This stat alone tells us something very important; a majority of users are consuming and engaging with video content, which then translates to - “our message as brands is actually being understood by users!”

With measuring bounce rates and “time on page” rates for blog posts and pages on our websites, we can have an idea of whether users are reading all of our content, however with video, we have the ability to see the exact length of how much our video is being watched by the end user, which in turn, helps us fine tune our video creatives and enhance them.

Knowing that 65% of viewers watch ¾ or more of videos tells us that we have a better chance of being able to deliver our message to the end user and actually have them consume and understand it.

Blog posts and articles definitely still play a large role in content marketing, however making sure that video is integrated into your content marketing strategy will absolutely help level it up.


Using Videos in Email Increases Click Thru Rates

The use of video does not simply have to be used only on social media platforms and on your website. Video content can also be integrated into your email marketing strategy.

We have seen open rates double in some cases due to using the word “video” in the subject line, which points to the fact that a large group of people rather watch a video than read in most cases. Of course there will always still be an audience that rather read an article, however a majority of your users may choose the video over the text.

With most email clients supporting html5 video now, many users can watch your video straight from inside the email, making it effortless for them to listen to your message.


Thats a Wrap

Overall, it’s an exciting time to watch the market continually evolve, and with that, comes the importance of video and why it is important that you begin incorporating video into your content marketing today.

From the rapid growth of mobile internet users, to the high engagement rates that video content produces, video marketing can help level up your content marketing efforts, increase exposure and awareness, strengthen your customer loyalty, and most importantly, affect your bottom line in a positive way.

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