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Ways to Keep Your Website Secure and Keep Hackers Out

It is an awesome age for web development, with new trends and functionalities arising everyday, it can be quite exciting. However, with new technologies, there is always someone trying to hack their way into it. As new tactics are being used, you need to make sure you are covering your bases to minimize the chance of a hacked website. Although these are basic website security practices, a refresher doesn’t hurt in an ever-changing online world. To help save you time from a hacked website, here are 5 tips to keeping your website secure.


Keep Your CMS Updated

Making sure your content management system is always running the latest version is critical to ensuring that your website is secure. The world wide web is never static and with that, comes new ways of hackers finding vulnerabilities within content management systems. It is not to say that all content management systems are open to being hacked, but it’s the nature of software. Keeping your CMS up-to-date is a “must” for any website owner, whether you use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other content management system on the market today.


Strong Passwords

Remembering strong passwords can be a pain, but having your website hacked by a weak password is even more of a pain that can require time and money to have resolved. Whether it’s for your CMS login, or hosting provider login, use a strong password with uppercase and lowercase letters, characters, and numbers to ensure that your password isn’t something like “Password!1”. If you have trouble remembering your passwords, use a spreadsheet on your local computer to save your passwords.


Install an SSL

Installing an SSL certificate on your website not only secures your website, it also adds trust to your users and may even play a slight role with search engine optimization. Search engines will not heavily rely on the fact that your website is secure for higher search rankings, but it is a factor that helps the trust factor, and in the world of SEO, combined efforts is where you see results, not single actions.


Choose Your Hosting Provider Wisely

Hosting companies offering incredible deals on hosting plans can be extremely tempting, especially with unlimited bandwidth and space. But the reality is that in many cases, you get what you pay for. Choosing the right hosting company can increase the security of your website. Make sure they offer the latest versions of My SQL, PHP, CPanel, etc. as well as a real customer support person that you can talk to. In addition, plans that offer the ability to host more than one website on a single hosting account leave all of your website properties in a vulnerable position. Reason being, if one of your websites becomes infected, it leaves all of your other websites open to the infection, which can really put a dent in your day. For this reason, it is best to host only one website per hosting account.



This may be a no brainer, but it is a task that many site owners may not be completing regularly. Backing up your website regularly can help relieve a lot of future headaches if your website is ever hacked or even if you made a change to it that damaged the website. If you are constantly updating your website with new content, then more frequent backups are recommended.


The Wrap

Well there you go, 5 ways you can improve the security of your website. While completing these tasks do not guarantee that your website will never be hacked, they do increase your chances tremendously of having a secure website and keeping nasty hackers out.

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